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Hamed Yahyaei

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Medialogist is an innovative IT consulting, Media, and Design company with a unique passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.
It is founded by Hamed Yahyaei, who is a global design ambassador at the interaction design foundation and the leader of IDF Malmö, IxDA Malmö,
also a member of Design Sweden, Swedish Design org, Företagarna, Svensk Forum, and Media Evolution in Sweden.
Medialogist focuses on redefining ''Design, Research, and Strategy'' and some of its professional services are 
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Study, Corporate Identity, Branding, Creative Brainstorming, UI/UX and CX consulting.
What really makes Medialogist unique is having super sensitive eyes for spotting errors and mistakes!
 Nowadays any tiny error or mistake on your website or app, can damage your brand and not fixing them fast has a bad impression on your existing or potential customers, we play the role of your customers' eyes and help you to be always alert.
Medialogist is a not a big company yet but proudly started its B2B services to big brands like Apple.
Let's focus on boosting your online prestige together!
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                 A member of MediaEvolution in Malmö


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Company Address: Hyllie Boulevard 5C, 215 32, Malmö, Sweden

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